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Does it look


Like I




A Fuck?


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These dudes have really gone into the infra-red of the asshole spectrum. Like a zone that only fruit flies and certain species of bats can truly appreciate. That’s the kind of rarefied space they’re occupying. And I can’t even repost it because I dare not broaden their audience.

How the fuck are you going swear you’re the better person and then turn around and not only stoop to that woman’s level, but validate her entire shitty belief system with some wild disrespectful words and actions?

It’s killing me that I’m even standing up for her, but wrong is fucking wrong.

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I think half the stuff you did as a teenager when you were in love were absolutely ridiculous LOL. Love and relationships were such an experimental and confusing time at that age you just gave it your all and got emotionally battered. The great thing is, it makes for great stories and stupid mistakes that were always worth the life experience.

When you watch this, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!

Lmao @2:53-3:07

I’m GIFing the shit out of that.

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Great Comics #2 (1941) by Charles A. WinterPolice Comics #5 (1941) by Arthur PeddyBlack Cat #1 (1946) by Joe KubertCaptain Flash #1 (1954) by Mort MeskinJungle Comics #4 (1940) by Charles A. WinterInvisible Scarlet O'Neil #3 (1951) by Russell StammPlanet Comics #12 (1941) by Douglas McKee & George H. AppelWeird Comics #16 (1941) by James J. RoyalWonder Comics #16 (1948) by Al CamySpeed Comics #17 (1942), writer & artist uncredited (possibly Barbara Hall or Jill Elgin?)


It’s the two-year anniversary of the Superdames blog!

To celebrate, here’s a treasury of forgotten female heroes of yesteryear.

(Click images for source info & credits.)

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yes adventure time. explain colonialism and racial imperialism to children and high niggas.

"Right, as the world goes, is only in question between equals in power, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must."

(Bron: sandandglass)

If that was Carol smeared in blood, looking all crazy in the bushes in that season 5 trailer, she is my new favourite.

Somebody ‘bout to get fucked up real good.

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Kaleb Simmonds performing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

My man was singing and beatboxing at the same time.


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mikerocker68 reblogged your post and added:

just finished the first season and I was completely overcome with emotion!

I was not prepared. I thought it was going to be jokes all the way and the next thing I know my face is leaking.

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