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Joffrey is not coming back from the dead. The zombies in Game of Thrones are nothing like the ones in The Walking Dead. They come from the North and according to legend, the Others, as they are sometimes called, were creatures of ice and cold who, more than eight thousand years ago, came from the uttermost north during a winter that lasted a generation and a night that covered the world, the Long Night. The Others were defeated in the War for the Dawn by a great hero wielding a sword of flame.

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I feel like you mean well but dude, that Walking Dead x Game of Thrones mash-up I made was just a joke.

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Thanks for not tagging your GOT spoilers.

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I feel for you but you really should know better.

Tumblr stays wilin after episodes, myself included. Turn up or unfollow.


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Oh wow, perfect. Now all we need is for Pete Campbell to choke.


Or burn to a crisp in a tanning bed. Fall into a tar pit in La Brea. Get riddled with bullets by Trudy in a drive by—-whichever comes first.

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AMAZING. Probably one of the best gifs I’ve seen AND THE MUSIC TOO

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omg, bless the person who put this together… ! seriously, my life right now.

Ayye thank you, much appreciated.

And shout out to Scott Bradlee and PostModernJukebox (X) for the inspiring music. Buy it if you can and support the artists.

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The name “Blood Moon” sounds way more mystic and dangerous than it is.

Low key was hoping to turn into a wolf just looking at it but I’m still glad we woke up to see it.

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why does Joffrey have a dwarven crossbow

Because it was what I had in stock and his actual crossbow would’ve killed my soul to turn into a transparent .png


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I need AMC to do better and put out a Walking Dead score

None of this 5-track looney tunes guitar and banjo fuckery they call a album featuring everybody but the show’s composer.

I want an 18+ track, actual, bonified, goddamn score. Con musica solemente de Bear McCreary and no one else.

No one wants this disc shaped deceit they keep plopping out and while I can see them trying to frustrate/gin-up the fanbase to the point where when they actually do release it, it flies off the shelves and sets records—that is wholly uncessary.

There is a demand. There always was.  A really healthy, borderline psychotic demand just shy of hunting for knee caps to bust to make this happen. 

I realise AMC probably doesn’t understand this because aside from MadMen’s Title Theme, no one gives a shit about their original programming music but things have since changed. They got a proper composer, he makes great tracks, and he has released at least one album for every show he’s been apart of—even the shitty ones—execept for The Walking Dead.

Quit taking a piss and give me my tunes AMC.

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