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I will ignore questions I have already answered.

I planned on watching the Defiance 2-hr Finale after afternoon rounds but the state of the tags….

I think I’m in for some bullshit.

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"Sarkeesian driven out of home by online abuse and death threats"


I think that her points are biased, her examples factually incorrect, and her persona is questionable for several reasons including stealing artwork, footage, lies, and overall so many things that destroy her credibility. And I’m all for calling her out reasonably and debating her arguments.

But I think that it’s ridiculous that she’s been sent so much hate and death threats combined with info on her and her family that the authorities got involved. Yes, sexism is a problem in the gaming community. No, Anita isn’t the right person to talk about this issue. But the responses she’s getting are uncalled for, dumb, pointless, and only highlight the sexist attitude in gaming so at the same time actually help her efforts and put the spotlight on her again. So not only are these people being assholes, their actions have the opposite effect in the long run. And this is what gets attention, not actual critique with substance on her and her videos.

Congratulations to everyone involved. You’re all dipshits and you’re all making us look bad.


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Francesco De Masi // Lone Wolf McQuade Opening Theme and Titles

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What the piss does a blue tag mean?


And how do I ban follow suggestions from my dash again?

And why are the search results shunted all the way to the right of my screen?



#fuck me right?

Why should I shut up and not complain about updates when theTumblr Staff encourages dialogue and comments from its users and actually reads the tags—shout out to joestanley—to see if said updates were well received or not?

Why should I shut up and take it when Terry Richards’s style teenage thighs suddenly appear on my dash unsolicited? Or long ass texts posts about views of rape, racism, feminism, misandry, and misogyny that I eschew and find absolutely repellent?  

You’re right.

It is a free service, and no one is forcing me to use it, but I’ll be damned if I don’t voice my opinions (not all of which are negative) about it because you view us as sheep that should be simply grateful to be herded. That is my right and fuck you for trying to make me or anyone else think otherwise.

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  • URL: dinosaursandotherawesimestuff
  • In life: Chris/Christian
  • Nickname: Never had a nickname that stuck with me

Birthday: Feb 4th

Height: 5’10” (near enough 180cm)

Time Zone: GMT

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 7-12

What are you known…

URL: vardoeger.tumblr.com

In life: Not

Nickname: On

Birthday: Your 

Height: Life


Time Zone: Fluctuates between GMT, EST, and CT.

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 5-6

What are you known for on Tumblr: Poorly made GIFs of a questionable nature

Favorite childhood videogame and/or movie: Sonic the Hedgehog / Predator (Blame my older siblings)

Teenage Crushes: Who didn’t I want to do is a better question but none rose above all the rest really. I’ll come back to this, maybe. 

Current job: CLASSIFIED. #TumblrAin’tLoyal

Your dream job: Sir Richard Branson.

Your superpower would be: Knowing everything. Like limitless without the pills.

DC or Marvel? Neither, Image Comics is where it’s at. Spawn, Saga, The Walking Dead—

Worst cancellation/lack of sequel to a movie you loved: Alphas. They should’ve ended it differently if they only got one season. Wonderfalls is a close second.

Three things I can’t live without: Money, My Mobile, and clean water.

Something I plan on learning: How to fly a plane.

Your theme song: TheKing’s Motorcade by FAMU Marching 100

@calibtheraconteur myneighborseinfeld insert-unicorn-here, @dorianpornstache and mckawesome—and anyone else looking at this.

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Tagged by watertightvines! Doing this meme again because I’m always happy to be tagged. >:)

1. Hats y/n?

No, not for me, usually.

2. Do you have any totally random fears? I’m not talking spiders or death or talking on phones. I’m talking things like Slenderman.

I don’t even know if I…

1. One of your favorite characters and why? Stahma Tarr of Defiance. She’s the goddamn serpent in the grass people warn you about.

2. Celebrity crush and why? Can’t think of anyone I’d abandon my current situation for. 

3. Do you like personality tests, or do they bother you? Not a fan, don’t like to see them on my dash.

4. Do you cry easily, or do you have stoic tear ducts? Not a crier but if I do, it’s damn ugly.

5. Anything in your life set to change in the near future? Buying a house.

6. Are you easily embarrassed or shameless? Shameless. If you’re not paying my bills, what do I have to be afraid of?

7. How many Tumblrs do you run? Just this one.

8. What do you do to ease your suffering? Run, swim, have sex—something physical.

9. Are you a rolling stone, or is one place home? I was a nomad, things have since changed.

10. Favorite TV show and why? MadTV. It was clever, spoofed all my other favourites, actors were talented, just great all around.

11. Book that changed your world? Toss up between Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Marcus Aurelius’ The Mediations.

I’ll reuse these questions because I’m too lazy to write my own and the book question was a good one.

@diabla-silenciosa, @alpha-capaldi, the-mauragoatsofsodomy, and mrpen15 —and anyone looking at this

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LETS SHARE THE SELF CONFIDENCE!!! Post 5 things you like about yourself and then challenge 10 of your favorite followers to do the same!!!!

  1. I learn fairly easily just by observing. It won’t look expertly done, but it’ll likely be passable/acceptable the first attempt I make.
  2. I can problem-solve on the spot. Barring said problem having a lot to do with social nuances and cues, then I’ll just make things worse.
  3. I have a keen ear for music and melody. I hear it once and it’s mine. I can generally recall what it came from and what scene or action accompanied it.
  4. I’m healthier than I have any right to be. Smoked, drank, did drugs, ate questionable foods, did questionable people but I’m still able to climb a palm tree to its top with my bare hands and run an effortless 16k.
  5. I’m patient. Or as indifferent as a corpse, depending on whom you talk to. I generally don’t give a shit until it starts to hurt others or majorly inconvenience me.

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Came back to find my name has been attached three different ‘tagged me’ chain-mail thinggums.

I apologise in advance for the twenty or so followers whose lives I’m about to inconvenience but let us commence with the turning up

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